I feel like people from the Midwest, namely Minnesota, love our sauces. We smother everything in ketchup, mustard, ranch, mayo, miracle whip and so many others. Every small town restaurant you go to has some sort of 'special sauce' on the menu, and the signature burger is usually swimming in it. One of my favorites can be found between Long Prairie and Sauk Centre at Midway Gas and Grill. The owner makes his own ranch and it is to die for! It's good on everything!


Last week Heinz posted a poll online asking America if they wanted a new special sauce from them, a mix of Mayo and Ketchup. They have been selling it in the Middle East for a while and were curious as to if America wanted it on shelves as well. Turns out we do! 500,000 people (55% of the vote) voted to bring the sauce over, so Heinz is going to do just that!

Now the big question, just what will we put this on?

Here are my thoughts on this sauce! 

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