The FBI in Minneapolis just released the official documents about people who threatened him by extortion and bodily harm. We have the document here.

This report has been unreleased until this week, when the FBI released the documents as public. The original report is 19 pages long. They released 5 of those pages, and deemed the others not releasable for privacy purposes.

According to the report, there were 2 documented threats against Prince Rogers Nelson that happened in the mid-1990's.

One of the threats was from a woman threatening bodily harm, making his life miserable, and stating that she's suicidal - all left on a voicemail on his phone.

The other threat listed is about a person who attempted to extort Prince regarding his infant son's death in 1997, threatening to sell personal documents to the media.

Prince died last year on April 21st at his home at Paisley park in Chanhassen, MN from an opioid overdose.

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