Our dog Brutus is an aggressive eater.  I don't mean he gets nippy, I mean aggressive as in he sucks his food up like a vacuum cleaner.  It's like he's trying to win an eating contest or something.  The vet will tell you this is unhealthy for the dog so we used to feed him with one of those Kong wobblers, but found that it made too much of a mess with the food getting all over the place.

New solution - Drop Slo Bowl.  I found this dish at La Dee Dogs the other day when I was picking up dog food.  What a miracle product!

It used to take Brutus about 2 minutes to eat his meal.  Now with this weird maze like bowl, he'll spend 20 minutes or more eating his food.  It's made a huge difference.

Hope you find this helpful and thank you for watching!


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