When it comes to award shows, typically stars wear the big name designers, but not true for Helen Hunt.

Helen Hunt was a nominee in the Best Supporting Actress category at Sunday's Oscars and rather than choosing between big names, Helen wore a gown by H&M. Big deal right?! Well, I guess it's not O.K. for stars to wear clothing labels that us "common folk" can afford?! It HAD to be pointed out that she was wearing over $700,000 in accessories. I say big deal. If anything, this is good news for H&M.

Many magazines and fashion designers make knock-off dresses from the red carpet so that the rest of us that don't make millions can afford them. To know that her dress was H&M and she looks stunning is a glowing review for them.

What do you think: Is it O.K. for stars to wear "lower-end" labels to a red carpet event?

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