ST. CLOUD -- There will be several new changes for students as they return to school next week, including having to wear a mask.

All students, staff and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times when in a school building.

Dr. Jill Amsberry is a Pediatrician at the CentraCare Health Plaza. She says when finding a mask for younger kids, it's important to consider fit, feel and fabric.

Make sure it covers the nose and mouth and make sure there isn't any air pockets. Sometimes masks are often loose on the side, that doesn't mean you need to make it tight, but you want to look for those areas that are obvious where air can come in and out.

Amsberry says there are clips you can buy to help the mask fit better around your child's head. It's also important to wash fabric masks regularly or get disposable masks so your child has a fresh mask daily.

She says with so many students in one room, having them wear a mask will help protect their families who may be at greater risk for COVID-19.

When we have a lot of people in an enclosed space there is more risk for transmission. With that risk of transmission means those children go back to their homes, stores or other areas of the community and could spread it to other more at risk people in our area.

Amsberry says you may also want to consider having your kids wear a mask for an extended period of time at home to help prepare them for what it will be like in school.

Locally, the first day of school is scheduled for September 8th.

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