ST. CLOUD -- With the weather turning colder and another shutdown happening, local gyms and health clubs are letting their members know they are here for them.

For the next four weeks, all fitness centers in Minnesota are to close to help control the spread of COVID-19.

Greg Gack is the Executive Director of the St. Cloud YMCA. He says while they have been down this road before, it doesn't mean it makes things easier.

In 2020, we are one of many businesses who have not be able to thrive as we have pre-pandemic, and we understand that. With this announcement of this new closure, it just added the exclamation point on the year of 2020 for us.

Gack says while the building will be closed to gym-goers, they will continue to be there for the community with their Supervised Visitation program, Distance Learning Center camps, and virtual Y classes.

That would be group exercise classes, boot camps, personal training, group training, all those will be provided online for our Virtual Y. We are actually working on the details now to provide that to the community as we head into these first parts of December.

Gack says while it is disappointing, they understand the importance behind the restrictions and will continue to be there to support the community in their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Sta-Fit will also be providing virtual classes to both members and non-members over the next four weeks.

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