That's what the latest buzz on the internet is saying.

Many blogs are leading us to believe that Simon Cowell signed on Britney Spears to be a judge on "X-Factor," but no official announcement has been made.

According to E! News, money was the thing that got Britney interested, and honestly, what star would turn away big money? Just how much money? Oh, only $15 Million for one season! Everyone seems to be concerned about how well Britney will, or won't do as a judge. Supposedly, a lot of people are questioning whether Britney will be able to "give an opinion in a live setting." Really, look how off the wall Paula was and America still loved her.

One of the hold-ups in getting Britney locked down is her conservatorship. It prevents her from signing any documents on her own because she still isn't competent enough to oversee her own career. Her fiance, Jason Trawick, recently got her dad to let him make some judgement decisions for her. It sounds like they are also trying to make Jason a producer on the show to also help guide Britney through the process.

Is it just me or is everyone thinking Britney is the dumbest person on the planet. Yea, she had a total meltdown, but people can change for the better! Even if Britney gets the gig, "X Factor" still needs another judge, and at least one host. Ah hem.....I am available Simon Cowell! I can do my show live from Hollywood!

If Britney is a judge, will you continue to watch and help support Britney, or do you think the show will crash and burn because of her?

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