Happy Minnesota School Bus Driver Appreciation Day. Today, it's important to thank a driver for all they do for our Minnesota students every single day.

I've had some pretty great bus drivers in my life. In 5th grade I had a bus driver named Don who was retired from his career. He was always so friendly and positive. Everyday he'd get on the PA system and sing us all a song--usually one that no one had ever heard of before. As 5th graders, we would groan about the songs because we didn't really understand or appreciate Don's wild sense of humor at the time. But, looking back, Don was one of the friendliest, patient and most thoughtful person I've ever met. He had to deal with A LOT of drama on our bus, but, it never seemed to phase him or break his spirit.


According to the New Ulm Journal, Minnesota bus drivers transport over 760,000 students to and from school every single day...even in the winter. That's a big job! In fact, the NUJ claims it's the largest form of mass transit in the state.

School bus drivers are also getting some recognition from Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton himself. According to Minnesota's website, Dayton proclaimed February 28, 2018 'School Bus Driver Appreciation Day.' School districts are celebrating the day by providing free food and beverages to the drivers. Students are encouraged to write hand-written notes and show their appreciation for their drivers as well.

It's an important reminder to thank your bus driver today and every day. Give your driver a little extra love--say thank you, make them a card, tell them how much you appreciate them. Sometimes it's nice to hear every once-in-awhile.

Call us this morning and thank your bus driver on the air (320-251-5695).


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