ST. CLOUD -- For years we've heard about the growing need for school bus drivers, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now more drivers than buses.

Transportation companies have a large portion of their fleet parked in the garage, as school districts across the state shift to distance learning.

Bethany Schubert is the Vice President of Trobec's Bus Service. She says during these uncertain times, they plan to remain committed to their drivers.

They are going to get paid for their routes they were doing prior to this layoff. We want to make sure that when the time comes, all those people are there.

She says like many industries, they are continuing to operate as best they can during these uncertain times.

Schubert says right now they do have a few of their buses operational to help pass out meals to students.

We have five routes in St. Cloud that go out Monday through Friday to deliver lunches to students. I know there have also been materials distributed for students who were not able to pick them up.

Schubert says they have pulled back their push to hire bus drivers at this time, but are still accepting applications and holding interviews.

She adds they have also spent many hours cleaning all their school buses and motor coaches to make sure they are ready to use.

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