A Minnesota farm whose crops were damaged by a hail storm last August was just featured in Food & Wine after their damaged crops were turned into a limited edition hot sauce.

Last August, a severe storm tore through parts of Minnesota bringing with it -- in some areas -- baseball-sized hail. Sogn Valley Farms in Cannon Falls got the worst of it.

"Last night was the nightmare all farmers fear," the farm posted on Facebook at the time, "the loud racket of not rain but ice falling from the sky. We suffered devastating crop damage from last night’s hail storm. We’re trying to keep our heads up as we assess the damage and figure out how to move forward."

The storm, which happened just days before harvest, damaged three acres worth of plants and fruit. Within days, Sogn Valley Farms shared an update to say that Minneapolis-based Cry Baby Craig's Hot Sauce had offered to take the hail-damaged crop with which they planned to make a special, limited-edition hot sauce. Several other food companies had also offered to purchase whole- and slightly damaged crops.

In September, Minnesota food distributor Lost Capital Foods was the first local business to reveal their product from Sogn Valley Farm's damaged crops -- "Liquid Assets" a hot sauce that saw a portion of proceeds going back to Sogn Valley Farm.

Most recently, Sogn Valley Farms took to social media again to share that the long-awaited hot sauce made from damaged peppers from Cry Baby Craig's was finally finished and available to purchase in Twin Cities Lunds & Byerlys stores. Named "Hail Fire" hot sauce, "it’s packed with flavor - zippy, yet tame enough for everyday enjoyment by everyday Minnesotans."

All profits from the sale of the sauce go back to Sogn Valley Farms, which -- according to Food & Wine -- could be about $40,000 if every bottle sells. Now, the farm's phoenix-story has been featured by the culinary-focused magazine, which you can read here.

"We are so grateful for the CBC crew stepping up to help us in our time of need, and for Lunds & Byerlys standing ready as a partner to help get this sauce out into the world," Sogn Valley Farms said on Facebook. "In that spirit, we want to again thank Lost Capital Foods, who similarly turned damaged peppers into hot sauce gold with their ‘Liquid Assets’ sauces that were released last fall. You guys rock!"

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