When I was a kid, my parents taught me not to talk about two things: religion and politics. They were supposed to be personal topics- important for sure- but no one else's business.

Now you can't do anything without seeing people loudly proclaiming who they are voting for. Flags, hats, shirts, lawn signs, bumper stickers, all over social media... it's exhausting.

It has become a lot of people's sole identity, and I feel like I should tell you that no one cares.

No one who has a "Biden" sign in their yard has ever caught someone's eye and made them decide "You know what, that person is right. I am changing my mind here."

Likewise, no one has ever seen someone wearing a MAGA hat and said, "Shoot, that hat sure is great, maybe I will vote for Donald Trump."

Any family gathering in 2020 has to include at least one full-on argument about politics, complete with mocking, name-calling and finger-pointing. You know exactly which relatives I am talking about, the ones who make you hold your breath when they walk in the room.

At this point certain family members should have entrance music, like pro wrestlers, to warn you when they are entering a room. BAH GAWD THATS UNCLE CHRIS' MUSIC! THERE'S GONNA BE A RUMBLE!

I grew up living with my parents for almost 25 years. In my entire life, I had no idea what party they identified with, let alone who they voted for in a given election. I can, however, tell you today who they are going to vote for in November.

Social media has become a hateful wasteland of people not only spouting off their political opinions, but also trashing those who think differently. Remember when it was fun to go to Facebook and see pictures of people on vacation, their kids or even whatever meal they were eating that day?

At this point logging in to social media is a stressful and anger-inducing endeavor, full of hate and vitriol. I deleted Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and even Instagram because I can't take the negativity anymore.

Look, I don't care. Vote for Trump. Vote for Biden. Vote for Kanye West. Vote for Howie Hawkins. I literally couldn't give a crap less.

Let's talk about sports! Music! Movies! How's your kid doing in school? Let's talk about that casserole you made last night, I bet it was delicious!

Guess what, if you want to vote for whoever, we can still be friends. I just don't need to hear about it.

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