There are three things I really love in life: my family, awesome music and a good book. For years and years I spent hundreds (thousands?) on e-books to read on my Kindle.

Two years ago I finally realized that most of the books I wanted to read were available FOR FREE through Great River Regional Library's "Libby" app. That's right I said FREE.

It took maybe two minutes to go into the library and get a library card. From that point on, everything is done through the app. In addition to the Great River Regional Library's extensive selection of e-books, your GRRL card can also get you access to other libraries' collections as well. I use the Hennepin County Library system quite a bit via my GRRL card.

Now, you can actually get an eCard online without traveling to the library itself. The eCard allows readers to check out digital materials online.

I have read at least 50 books since signing up for my library card a little under two years ago. At an average cost of about $12 per e-book, I have saved about $600 while at the same time getting to read every book on my wish list.

While some books are in high demand and require you to wait using the classic library "hold" system, there are always plenty of titles available to get you through until that big wish-list tome is ready for your consumption.

Audiobooks are also available for those who prefer to have their books narrated to them and of course the library still has hard copies of books available for members to check out at their leisure.

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