This news should come as no big surprise, prepare yourself for fireworks shortages this 4th of July.

Here's a shocker, it looks like the downstream effects of our old friend Covid-19 are working their magic again.

If experts are correct, getting your hands on pyrotechnics for this Independence Day holiday could be a little more challenging than in years past.

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As you know, most fireworks are manufactured in China. Thanks to COVID-19, a number of restrictions brought on by the pandemic are making shipping fireworks much more difficult this year.

Lew’s Fireworks owner, Dan Raderschadt told Dakota News Now, “It’s not really a manufacturing issue, because we deal with about 15 factories in China and they have it produced they just can’t get it shipped out, so it’s more of a transportation issue this year."

According to Dakota News Now, in a number of cases, fireworks have already made their way to the states, but due to worker shortages in states like California, getting fireworks off containers and to their destinations by the 4th of July is the biggest challenge at this point.

Then the question becomes, what will be higher, the skyrocket you shoot or the price you'll have to pay for it this year?

Andy Jorgensen, owner of Fire Bros. Fireworks told Dakota News Now, “Since shippers have to charge more to get it here the wholesale sellers have to charge more, so retailers are going to have to make up their margins and charge a little bit more, so customers can expect to see a price increase from about 20 to 30 percent."

In any event, if you're a pyrotechnics lover like myself, let's hope the residual effects of the pandemic don't end up making this Independence Day more of a dud rather than a bang.

Source: Dakota News Now

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