Minnesota went viral last week (sort of) after a German guy named the state "Texas 2."

A bored dude in Germany last week tried to name all 50 US states. After posting the results to Twitter, the post went viral for his map's absolute hilarity.

While Twitter user @haru_cchii did manage to correctly name a few states (CA, WA, TX, WI, FL and WV) and was close on several more (Oreo for Oregon, George for Georgia and North for North Dakota), it was the remainder of his guesses that had Americans everywhere laughing. Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina and Alabama were all named "Ohio," while New Mexica was named "Where is Ohio?" Nevada was named "this is def Ohio," and Montana was named "This also feels like Ohio." Wyoming was appropriately named "Square." South Dakota was simply named "Dakota," while North Dakota was simply named "North." The guy clearly gave up trying to name the entire East Coast, with Pennsylvania earning the name "I Crave Cereal" and the whole Eastern seaboard getting clumped together as "The f*** is going on here." Minnesota, for its part was named "Texas 2" which took on a whole life of its own online. By the next day, Texas 2 had become the seventh most-trending topic on Twitter.

I mean, if Minnesota's going to be mistaken for another state, it might as well be Texas, right? I've never been, but I've only heard good things!

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