I was flipping through my old CD book the other day and ran across an entire section of boy bands. LOL

I knew I had a couple, but there were some real gems I noticed along with the usual suspects, like a burned copy of BB Mak...

It's a phase every girl goes through.  The longing looks at the camera.  Sweet strums on the guitar.  Cute "I heart you" dance moves.  Harmonies, harmonies, harmonies.  Slow sexy talking about all that bedroom stuff your mother warned you about.  What teen heart can possibly resist?!

The first time I heard Backstreet Boys sing "I Want it That Way" I thought my head was going to pop right off.  And let's not even get started on the fact that there seemed to be the perfect guy for every girl in each line-up.

This discovery got me to thinking about my current musical tastes.  How did I go from boy band to man band?

Lucy / Townsquare Media

The landscape of my CD collection has changed so much over the years.  As I'm looking at the line-up of bands that inhabit my space right now, I noticed that I haven't entirely given up on the hot boys in a band idea.  I mean, have you seen the guys in Kings of Leon?

I would watch Caleb Followill peel potatoes.

I guess at some point I traded in the dance moves and bedroom talk for angst and loud instruments, but, I still love digging up old favorites.  That's why I think the unplugged show with O-Town will be a blast.  It was fun watching them come together on Making the Band all those years ago and I'm excited to see how the man band version will deliver.