It's been a slow trickle but we are finally approaching something vaguely resembling normal when it comes to the pandemic. Most businesses have been fully open for quite some time and restrictions are being lifted around the country.

With that being said, it is time to open the Crossroads Center indoor playground! There are very few options available to keep little kids busy during the winter and this is one of the best options out there!

I definitely understand proceeding with caution during this pandemic but at the same time it has been two calendar years. If places like trampoline parks, arcades, indoor amusement parks and other places with a high concentration of kids can open, why not the playground at the mall?

There are a few stops our toddler has to make every time we go to Crossroads. First, we have to check out the trees in the food court. He still can't figure out how they got trees to grow inside.

Second, we have to hit up the arcade area so he can "play" the Jurassic World game. Luckily for my wallet he still doesn't quite know the difference between playing the game and pretending to play the game.

Third, he needs to go in the helicopter ride in the mini-rotunda area near the entrance. He pilots the helicopter to grandpa's house, the playground, our house then back to the mall.

Finally, my little dude likes to socialize with his fellow pint-sized compatriots in the mall's soft play area. Unfortunately, the play area is still fenced off and closed.

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