SARTELL -- A longtime member of the Sartell Fire Department has called it a career.

Jim Sattler was honored during a special retirement ceremony during Monday's city council meeting.

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Sattler says he's seen a lot of growth and change within the Sartell community during his three decades of service.

You know my first year in 1988 there was probably 4,000 people and we were responding to maybe 25 calls a year. Now the city is approaching 20,000 people, we're on our fourth fire station and just added our first platform truck.

Sattler served on the Sartell Fire Department for 33 plus years and became fire chief in 2016. He transitioned to deputy fire chief last year when the department hired their first full-time fire chief.

Sattler says while he may not be answering fire calls, he still has one last job to finish for the department.

I do plan to spend some time around here as we are still working on one project for the station, which is a fire department history wall. I plan to spend a lot of time on that which is very humbling to look at the 100-year history of the department.

Sattler says he’s grateful for the opportunity to serve the community and thanks the city, current and past members of the department and the community for their ongoing support.

Sartell Fire Department is a Combination Fire Department with a full-time Fire Chief and Fire Marshall along with approximately 30 paid on Call Firefighters that serve the communities of Sartell and LeSauk Township.


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