I am always up for healthy options when going out to eat.  St. Cloud actually has a lot of restaurants, but it's pretty heavy on the side of fast food restaurants.  It would be nice to have some variety, and some healthy options.  And yes, I do realize that in most fast food restaurants there is a healthy option.  I get it.

But the healthy options might be a bit better with this new restaurants coming to St. Cloud.  It's called Crisp & Green.  They are actually opening about 10 new locations throughout Minnesota, and St. Cloud is one of those locations.  There are already quite a few locations around the twin cities area, but now they are expanding to greater Minnesota.

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As far as a date or more precise location, there is little information. Their website just says "coming soon".

If you are unfamiliar with Crisp and Green restaurants their menu includes salads- like a lot of salads.  Big variety, along with some Grain Bowls, and there are so many options with that too, even some spicy options.  There is a "build your own" bowl, kids meals, smoothies and some vegan options.  The menu also includes the nutritional information which helps when making a selection. Something for everyone and a great way to grab lunch or dinner and stay on track with any sort of weight loss plan, or a "stay or get healthy" plan.

They make it easy to order online or with their app too.

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