Sometimes driving in the St. Cloud area can feel like the Wild West. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to survive the drive in the Granite City.

#1 Wait For The Light To Turn Green, Then Wait Ten More Seconds 

This is a very important rule to follow, as red lights in St. Cloud are apparently optional. Normally, when you see the light go green it is your turn to proceed. However, in St. Cloud, some people's time is more important than others.

#2 Give Yourself An Extra 8-10 Minutes When Driving On Division 

Apple Maps might try to tell you the trip from SCSU to the mall is a ten-minute drive but I bet it takes closer to 20. Also, no matter how many people you cut off and how many times you switch lanes, you will still end up at the same red light as everyone else. Relax.

#3 Get Acquainted With The Local Speed Trap Spots 

According to, some of the spots most likely to be used as speed traps include the National Guard parking lot on Veterans, Clearwater Road, multiple spots along Highway 10 and 3rd Street near Crossroads Mall.

#4 Learn To Love The Roundabouts 

For some reason people get all worked up about the roundabouts, specifically all of the ones in neighboring Sartell. Personally, I think they are great and keep traffic moving IF the people within them know how to navigate the spinny semaphore substitutes. The problem is that most people seem to have a different idea of how they think a roundabout should work, so stay on your toes.

#5 Abandon All Expectations Of A Turn Signal 

In a perfect society, everyone would use their turn signal to let you know when they are about to go into your lane, or when they are about to turn right into a parking lot allowing you to pull out into the street. Not in this town! When/where someone will turn is a total guess, so stay on your toes!

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