I came across a list recently of ten of the saddest words and phrases in the English language. A real uplifting read, I know. But I was intrigued, and before I knew it was nodding along in agreement. The list included words and phrases like "If Only," What Party?" "Heartbroken," "Back to School" and "Goodbye." Some of the words made me laugh while others actually tugged at my heartstrings a little bit.

I started thinking about my own list of sad words and realized - most of them are Minnesota-related!

5. Blizzard
Nothing strikes me with dread like the word blizzard. For that matter, we can throw "snow storm" and "whiteout" into the mix, too.

4. Division Street
If you're from St. Cloud, you understand.

3. Roundabouts
Feel sick and frustrated without the hassle of the State Fair!

2. Duck Duck Grey Duck
I'm originally from Illinois. It's "Goose" and always will be.

1. Vikings
Again, I'm from Illinois. Go Bears!

That's my list of five sad words any Minnesotan can relate to. What word(s) would you add?

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