A proud Minnesota Dad has taken to reddit to share how his family's bike rides around Central Minnesota made for his kids' "best ever" summer.

Some have called 2020 the "world's great reset," and maybe that's just what we all needed. With COVID-19 limiting and restricting how and with whom we spend our time this year, many have found a renewed appreciation for simple living with closest friends and family. A Minnesota dad (u/garciasn on reddit) is one of those, recently taking to online discussion forum reddit to share his family's big summer achievement.

"This summer we had a goal," he says. "A 25mi bike ride. Yesterday, we made our goal; finishing the Central Lakes Trail, biking from Ashby to Alexandria. We finished the Lake Wobegon Trail, too." He goes on to express how proud his is of his two kids (ages 8 and 10) and admits that his son's comment "that this summer was his best ever" brought tears to his eyes.

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Many on reddit have praised the dad and his kids.

"Parenting. Nailed it," said one simply.

"A goal attained is a dream realized," said another. "But you know what I think is the best part? Your children have a memory that will last after many summers have ended. Parental involvement and engagement is priceless. Blessings to you and your family."

"Way to go!" praised a third. "Turning an unusual and strange summer in the the best one yet! And wanna know why I bet? We all have SLOWED DOWN. Less sports. Less events. Less go go go. And more time together. While a lot has been hard for working parents the family time really has a benefit to our kids."

The proud dad also shared a Google Map of the paths he and his kids rode this summer.

u/garciasn via reddit
u/garciasn via reddit

He even included a list of spots to stop for ice cream, pizza, or food, ranked in order of his kids' favorites:

  1. http://tiptopdairybar.com/ (Osakis, MN; ice cream)

  2. https://www.fishersclub.com/ (Avon, MN; walleye!)

  3. http://www.orderdairyland.com/ (Fergus Falls, MN; ice cream/food)

  4. http://thelogcabinpizza.com/ (Osakis, MN; pizza)

  5. https://www.mrtwistymn.com/ (St. Joseph, MN; ice cream)

  6. https://www.facebook.com/oakstationcc/ (Freeport, MN; ice cream)

No doubt, 2020 has been a strange and unusual year, even difficult and trying for some. But maybe in all the chaos and discomfort we've been able to find silver linings afterall.

How have you turned your 2020 around into a memorable or highlight-worthy year?

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