According to a statement by the Wyoming, MN Police Department, there was no shooter or murder at the home.

Monday, June 3, 2019 the Wyoming, MN Police Department shared a press release regarding an incident at a home in which MN SWAT responded.

According to the press release, a phone call made at 10:41am to 911 claimed that the caller's father had been shot and killed inside her home and that the shooter was still there. When officers arrived at the scene, the caller ran out of the home with an infant child, still claiming that her 57-year old father was dead inside the home and that the shooter was still inside with her 74-year old mother.

However, when a SWAT team entered the home they found that there was no one else there, and the woman's claims were completely false.

According to the press release, "the case remains under investigation as [police] explore charges for falsifying and/or making false statements to police against the 911 caller/witness from inside the home."

Speculations in the Facebook post's comment section range from mental health to drugs.

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