We must be addicts, because if Facebook annoys us so much, why are we always on it?

A new survey gave 200-people, in every state, five categories to choose from about what annoys them most on Facebook.

Those categories were:

1. Selfies

2. Politics

3. Pictures of food

4. Personal problems

5. Baby Pictures

Check out the results of each category:

1.  Posts about personal problems were voted the most annoying posts in 21 states.

2.  Selfies, nine states.

3.  Posts about politics, seven states.

4.  Pictures of food, seven states.

5.  And baby pictures, six states.

Minnesotans appear to be most annoyed by people constantly posting SELFIES. I would like to think all those selfies are taken while you're visiting some beautiful scenery... but let's be real, you're taking selfies on the couch captioned "bored" and that is annoying.

See how the rest of the states are annoyed by Facebook.