There's something personable about naming your vehicle.

After all, you do spend a considerable amount of time in it driving to work or rushing the kids to their extracurricular activities or running errands around town or escaping to your Thirsty Thursday girls night out.

I've had three vehicle over the course of my driving career, and they've each had a name -- Butler the 1989 Buick, Atom the Hyundai Atos Prime and, most recently, Maggie my red 2015 Mazda CX-5.

Wednesday, October 2 was National Name Your Car Day, and I took to Facebook to ask Mix 94.9 listeners what they've named their vehicles.

"Silver Haze" - Morgen

"Dear Rosie!" - Harriet

"In the winter, i put reindeer antlers on mine (but not the red nose) so it's Dasher, not Rudolph. Guess that's the only time I identify my car as having a name." - Tricia

"Lola" - Melanie

"I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata and its name is Frank...Frank Sonata." - Shari

In addition to sharing their vehicle's name, some listeners even shared photos of their driving buddy!

"My Little ChaCha! The color is called Red Hot." - Sandie

"Sally of course. Well, I’m Mustang Sally too" - Dorene

"Oliver or olliepop for fun" - Alison

"Black Betty" - Crissy

Have you named your vehicle? What name did you give it?

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