I am a big fan of all pumpkin patches whether big or small. However, there is one pumpkin patch in Wyoming, Minnesota that rules them all: Pinehaven Farms.

Most pumpkin patches have a small smattering of pumpkins strewn about, maybe a couple of animals to look at and a hayride around a farm field. I love it... the fall colors, the kids running around, the smell of apple cider. It's all good.

Pinehaven Farms takes the whole experience to another level. Their patch includes a huge selection of pumpkins along with an entire day of activities for kids. It's really more of an amusement park than a pumpkin patch.

Pinehaven features a big wheel trike track, zip-line, multiple playgrounds and slides, a bounce pad (think bounce house without walls or roof), a pumpkin eating (and talking) dragon named Farfel, a giant corn pit and a huge corn maze.

There is also a corn cannon, pumpkin cannon, an authentic Native American teepee, a touch-a-tractor area.. and even more!

Tickets for Pinehaven range from $9-17 depending on the day you go and whether you purchase in advance. There are some activities that are not included in the price of admission, but a majority of the attractions are covered.

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