This weekend marks one of the most important holidays on any Minnesotan's calendar: the fishing opener! This year's opener is one week later than years past, which hopefully means better weather and hungrier fish!

Whoever your cabin mates are going to be this weekend, odds are good that they will fall into one of these categories.

The Serious Fisherman: This is the person with the fancy fishing boat, the fish finder, all the folded paper maps (intricately marked of course) and a huge box of tackle. This person will stay up to midnight plotting their spots for the next day then wake up at 4 a.m. to brew coffee before hitting the lake for a 12-hour marathon.

The Escapee: This person doesn't care whether they step foot onto a boat or not all weekend- they are just happy to get away from it all. The job, the kids, the chores... a full week of freedom.

The Lightweight: This is the person who talks a big game but can't really hang. First, they have one too many at the campfire the night before and can't wake up to go fishing. Then, when they finally do get on the boat they ask to go back to shore after less than an hour before passing out a 8 p.m.

The Mooch: Shows up without a suitcase, doesn't bring any food to share with the group, needs to borrow a fishing pole, will pay you back for gas in the boat and, oh yeah, could I borrow a couple bucks to pay for my share of the cabin?

The Overpacker: Three suitcases. Four different levels of jacket. Three pairs of shoes, one pair of boots and a pair of flip flops. Multiple trips to the car to get it all inside the cabin.

The Lovebird: This person just misses their sweetie and cannot seem to pry themselves off the phone for even five minutes to hang out and maybe even fish. Uses up all their anytime minutes whispering sweet nothings to their equally lovestruck partner back home.

The Weather Watcher: Their whole weekend is spent in front of their TV or staring at the Weather app on their phone while giving real-time updates on what the conditions are like outside.

The Influencer: Every fish must be photographed, every activity documented and every prank re-done for the sake of recording it to video. The rest of the cabin is under constant concern that they are being filmed the whole weekend.

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