I posed the question the other day of 'which Christmas movie DON'T you like to watch' and a surprising number of Minnesotans said "A Christmas Story", so much that I had to ask is it the most hated Christmas movie in Minnesota? But you can read a little more on that here.

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What I'm wondering now is a new list of each State's Favorite Christmas movie for 2022, actually that accurate?

Found this post the other day on reddit and it had me wondering:

First off, only 8 movies actually make the list of "favorites" for the states and a few of them are questionable for me. I get everyone has a different idea of what makes for a great Christmas movie, but if I were to put together a list a few of these wouldn't even crack the top 50 for I don't think. But lets find out which state likes which Christmas movie the best.


I have quite literally seen arguments on whether or not this is really considered a "Christmas" movie, but for argument sake, lets say yes it is and it's actually Arkansas's favorite.

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I was three when this movie came out and my family went together to the theater to watch it. I spent most of it, hiding in my mom's jacket or out in the lobby with mama Zee because I wanted nothing to do with the scary Gremlin creatures. I know if I watched it today, I wouldn't mind it as much...but still not the Christmas movie I would want to watch, Vermont and Puerto Rico feel a little differently since it's both their favorites, according to this list.


A Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder classic! I don't not like this movie, I'm just not watching it for Christmas is all. The state of Georgia however, is loving this one around this festive time of year.


Even the director, Henry Selick, has said before this is a Halloween movie. However, many will still argue it's a Christmas movie. I'll go ahead and say, truth be told, I haven't watched it before South Dakota and Washington D.C. however, apparently are fans.


This movie I hadn't even heard of before and it might have something to do with the fact it came out in 1940. But I'll say this much I recognize in the trailer that the first actor I recognize as Frank Morgan who was in the Wizard of Oz! Beyond that I got nothing, other than I might check it out and for the curious...this is Delaware's favorite Christmas Movie.

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Now we are getting into more what I would call Christmas movies or ones that I know more about. This movie also stars Jimmy Stewart, as did the movie right before and this one I have seen! Actually a very moving Christmas story that has the famous line "look daddy, teacher says, every time a bell ring an angel gets its wings". This classic is liked best by Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho and Wyoming.


I'm a hopeless romantic and am maybe one of the reasons it was so liked in the state of North Dakota, I did live there for many years. I have seen this a few times over and though it isn't my favorite per se, I will still watch it multiple times again in my life. With that said, I'm surprised this was North Dakota's favorite choice.


C-L-A-S-S-I-C! This movie is another family favorite that mine just watched over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Every time it makes me laugh, and it's one of those movies I swear everytime I watch it I catch something else. This is probably the least surprising on the list and is the rest of the states favorite Christmas movie, including here in Minnesota.

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Keep in mind, much of the data was pulled off Google Trend, so take it as you will. But if you need to learn a little more on how this all got figured out, go HERE on Wishlisted. Otherwise, in my opinion, there is no perfect science, just have fun with it and watch the movie that really is your favorite and carry on.

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