It's going to be another unbelievable night at The Benton Station in Sauk Rapids this Saturday!  MIX 94.9 is bringing you the Comedy Club, starting at 8pm - and then at 10pm, it's SWEET SIREN - all night and morning long.

If you like the music that you hear on MIX 94.9, then you're going to love Sweet Siren.  They will also throw in some popular classic rock, and country, and will certainly keep the crowd going - 'til they kick us out! (and they will)

The Comedy Club has been on fire lately - so don't miss out, and don't be late!  Call The Ty James Traffic Jam (3-7pm) to get on the VIP list - that means you pay no cover!

Make those baby-sitting arrangements right now, so you're all ready to go Saturday night!  See you in Sauk Rapids!