You know when you go to Dollar General and it looks like it's been ransacked? In most cases it hasn't been, that's just how they look inside.

I don't have anything against Dollar General. In many cases, they are the only spot in small communities across the state where you can buy items without having to drive miles. They truly are the last general stores for small communities like Aurora, Minnesota.

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Minnesota has 192 Dollar General stores as of last year and plans to open even more. However, there are some changes coming to Dollar Generals.

Dollar General and other retailers experiencing 'Shrink.'

Merchandise losses happen at stores all the time. It includes shoplifting, employee theft, damages, errors, fraud, and other factors. It's also called 'shrink.'

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Reversing the trend of self-checkouts.

Self-checkouts were growing in popularity, but now some retailers are reversing the trend. According to CNN, Dollar General CEO Todd Voss has been quoted saying, "We should be using self-checkouts as a secondary checkout vehicle, not a primary."

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The use of self-checkouts has increased losses for some retailers. Some of it is intentional shoplifting, but some of it is honest error. Customers may forget to check out their purchases or miss something.

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You'll begin to see more staff at the front of the store.

Having a person at the checkout at Dollar General will help not only with losses at the checkout but also to keep an eye on the storefront. People are less likely to steal when an employee is at the front of the store.

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