We have a kid at home with a cold, which meant I had to run to about seven different stores to find all the different medicines, humidifiers and elixirs needed to treat a struggling four-year-old.

Of course I hit the town at about 5 p.m. which meant that almost every place I ended up visiting was bustling with folks doing their shopping in the precious minutes between work and dinner.

The parking lot at the Sartell Walgreen's was particularly tough to navigate as the lot was really full and people (because it is 2021 and no one cares anymore) were just stopping their cars wherever to drop people off.

I went to the back corner of the lot to secure a spot when I saw this black SUV parked in four spaces.

My first emotion was anger and I wanted to find out who did this and give them a piece of my mind. Then I remembered it is 2021 and people are out of their minds, I am a weak human in general and that the person driving the truck might just be is tougher than me.

As I walked around the store I felt like my anger turned to awe and I wondered why I don't have the (marbles) to just park like this. It's probably because I possess common decency, but it still begged the question of whether I am seeing this situation all wrong.

Should we applaud the confidence of this person? Or, is this an awful thing for someone to do and they deserve shame and ridicule on the internet?

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