Does one size really fit most?  It's a question I've asked myself many times.  More and more stores that cater to this whole one size idea, like Brandy Melville, have been popping up across the country and it's a trend that I hope ends soon.

What a horrible thing to assume.  Not to mention it's just lazy for a clothing store to offer only one size.  If the claim is that one size fits most, just what size do these stores assume most women are?

Well, Buzzfeed put this to the test and had a number of female staffers of various sizes try on pieces from a one size fits most type store and then rate the item of clothing.

After the experience, they all shared their overall feelings and let's just say, for the most part, they were not positive.  Who would be after being shoved into a shirt or looking at a skirt that won't even come close to fitting on one leg, let alone two, and being told this was made to fit "most" people.  Where does that leave the rest of us?

After it was all said and done, pretty much the only woman who fit into all of the clothes was a size 0.  What a terrible message to send to little girls, especially since Brandy Melville caters to teens.  Just what girls at that age need, a store telling them they're not the size of "most" girls.  Look, most girls are not a size 0.  The sooner the fashion industry can get this into their tiny little heads, the better off we'll all be.

It's already hard enough to figure out what size you are (since that seems to be different from store to store).  To be told there is only one size and you don't fit into it... I just have to wonder what the owners of this chain were thinking.

This DJ is not a fan.  Take your money else where and let stores like Brandy Melville know that their idea of "most" women is out of whack.