My friend David Horning from  RU Addiction Recovery stopped by yesterday to see if he could help our listeners with a question that is left unanswered for many individuals. That question: Do I suffer from addiction?

Addiction can be much more than the addictions we hear about everyday, such as alcohol and drugs. An addiction can be just about anything; social media, shopping, gambling; eating. How do you know if this is controllable, or if you need more help?

David gave me this list of questions to ask yourself or if you are worried about a friend or family member.

  1. Would you consider yourself dependent on a certain substance or action? (Drugs, smoking, alcohol, entertainment, sports, social media, overeating...)
  2. Can you get through the week without using/doing/watching _______________?
  3. Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms (feeling sick) when you stopped taking/doing _________________________?
  4. Have you failed to meet obligations at work, home, or school because of your repeated use of ___________________________?
  5. Is _____________________________ hurting you or someone you know?  (Physically, mentally, or financially?)
  6. Do you spend a great deal of time on activities to find, use, or recover from your use of ______________________?
  7. Have you needed to use greater amounts of ________________to get a high?
  8. Have you tried without success to reduce your use of _________________?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is highly likely that you have an addiction.


There is help. David has been in a position to see people change their lives. To beat addiction, you have to replace the addiction with something else. David is inviting everyone to attend the  faith based RU Addiction Recovery Program. You are welcome to join the group this Friday. It is totally FREE and if you are interested, they would love to help you. Call 320.252.5677 for more information.

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