I had heard the phrase "One is the quirkiest number" recently and after thinking about it for a while, it's true. Now that I have a husband living in my house to share my life with, I discovered I missed some of my Secret Single Behaviors and Chad felt that I needed to divulge this information to him about what we women do when we live alone, so here you go. Our Secret Single Behaviors. 

Inner Dialog - Yes. Dialog. As in two sided. Everyone, everyone mutters to themselves from time to time, but really talking things out helps a lot. Even if you're just talking to yourself. What's better than having a deep meaningful conversation with the person who knows you best? Talking to your cat/dog also counts in this category. Your dog will likely sit and listen intently. Your cat will probably just look at you with contempt, but that look may just save you from a bad decision.

Being as Clean as You Want - Or not. If you don't want to pick up your socks from underneath the coffee table, you don't have to. If you only buy sponges based on if they match your dish soap, DO IT. There's no one to criticize.

Using All the Hot Water - How long has it been since you drew yourself a bath with bubbles, bath salts, candles, a glass of wine and a book? Or took a nice, long hot shower for no other reason besides, "just because." It has probably been a while because you have to share the hot water with a dishwasher, washing machine, husband and kids.

Spying Without Judgement - You get to do a lot of things without judgment when you're single. There's a whole list here. The fighting couple next door, the kids knocking over garbage cans, the hottie neighbor watering his lawn without a shirt. You get the point. You can be a nosy creep and no one knows!

Drinking all the Wine - Had a bad day? Pop open the Pinot and go to town. You don't have to share and it's only one glass if you refill the same glass. It's more than one glass if you use more than one glass.

Quality Alone Time - And like, really alone. When you live alone you get quality alone time in mass quantities. If you're in a horrible mood and don't want to socialize, you don't have to. You can go to bed at 6pm. You can draw, paint, read, learn a foreign language, or watch trashy TV shows and no one knows.

What was/is your secret single behavior? My secret single behavior is using Veet on my legs and reading fashion magazines.