What do you believe makes someone a "true" Minnesotan? Is it the way they dress? The way they talk? As in "yah", "you-betcha" or "ope" to rattle off a couple. Maybe it's the long o's or a's that a Minnesotan uses. Perhaps it's the ability to adapt to weather that is twenty below zero or more? Truthfully, I'm not fully sure.

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According to the Oxford Language Dictionary a Minnesotan is defined as,

noun - a native or inhabitant of the US state of Minnesota "the waiter's wife was a Minnesotan"

By that definition it really means that anyone who lives here or is a resident is a Minnesotan. But does that make you a TRUE Minnesotan. That's the real question here and the reason I am asking it, is because I'm trying to determine if I really am or not a 'true' Minnesotan after seeing this map on reddit. So I pose the question, are you only a 'true' Minnesotan if you are born and raised here?

The reason I ask is because in this map it shows that 67.6% of residents in Minnesota were actually born in Minnesota and it made me wonder does that make a person a 'true' Minnesotan? Or a 'true' Floridian, North Dakotan and so on and so forth.

Side note: In the map you'll also see there are 11 states total that have a higher percentage than us, which really isn't bad out of a total of 50 states when you think about it. So quick shout out to the state of Louisiana that has the highest percentage of residents born in their state, with a whopping 78.1% born, raised and living there.

Back to the real point...I ask again. Does being born and raised in Minnesota make a person more of a true Minnesotan than those that were only raised here or who now live here? I feel there could be many arguments regarding it one way or the other. My dad and I have even had this discussion. Technically, I was born in Fargo, North Dakota, because it was the closet town with a hospital to where we lived in Minnesota. So does that make me a Minnesotan, North Dakotan or maybe both? Even though I was born there, I was raised in Minnesota starting at about two or three days of age.

Minnesota Highway 33 north and south road sign in Cloquet, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Now here I sit at a fork in the road... am I a true Minnesotan or not? Are you questioning it now too after reading this? This is where I am at, in my heart I believe that yes I am a Minnesotan through and through. It's the state I love and always will. It's the state I have known my whole life and was raised in, the state I live in now and with that I shall continue to call myself a Minnesotan through and through..."true" or not true that is yet to be determined!

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