First, I just want to say I am a summer person. Some people live for fall, I live for summer. When I see the leaves change and the temp drop, my heart drops with it.

Lately stores have been stocking up for fall. Target was putting out Halloween candy and costumes already on Monday! It is no surprise that "Pumpkin Spice" flavored things are back in stock too. Candles, lattes, Cheerios, Kit Kat candy bars....

The latest Pumpkin Spice scented item to hit shelves is Pumpkin Spice deodorant! The company making it is called Native and it is being marketed to both men and women. They claim it is all natural and organic so your body doesn't come into contact with the chemicals other deodorants might contain.

With over 3,000 5 star reviews for it on their website, it has got to be a decent product. You can order your Pumpkin Spice deodorant here for $12 and it will ship to you on September 5th. Let us know what you think of it!

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