If you attended the Granite City Days parade on Saturday you saw all the usual things like floats, the Shriners go-karts and Coborn's giant shopping cart. There was, however, one unexpected attraction: a big, scary dinosaur!

That was my three-year-old son, Charlie. He woke up on Saturday ready to walk in the parade but he had one request... he wanted to wear his dinosaur costume from Halloween.

On one hand I wanted to say no because it was a warm day and that costume is pretty heavy. On the other hand he wasn't asking for much and I want to keep him happy and positive for what might be a long day of sitting, waiting and ultimately walking a long distance.

He put on the costume when we got to the line-up area and was an instant hit! Adults and kids were asking to take pictures of him. He would smile and do a thumbs up until they took the picture then depart by having the dinosaur unleash a mighty ROAR, which drew laughs from everyone.

Of course, his favorite part was being able to hand out candy to all of the kids watching the parade. He was a little hesitant though and kept asking "These kids dad?"

To his credit this dude made it throughout the entire parade route not only walking the whole time, but also running a good bit of the route to catch up to our vehicle when he fell behind.

Did you see the dinosaur at the parade?



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