With so many people buying tons of Powerball tickets recently, there's a higher chance some big prizes go unclaimed. The MN Lottery has an easy way to see if you forgot to check your ticket.

Just in Powerball winners alone, there's nearly $4.5 million in unclaimed tickets that were purchased in Minnesota! One of them is a $1 million dollar winner!

What the Minnesota State Lottery has done is put a web page together to list tickets that show a winner in their system. It lists the amount, drawing date, and location it was purchased. If you purchased a ticket at any of the locations listed then it would be wise to double check your numbers to see if it's your ticket that's gone unclaimed.

Not only do they list the Powerball, but all lottery types they sell in Minnesota...even scratch-offs that show to be sold and what the winning amount is. For instance, there's a total of (4) $100,000 Vikings $5 scratch-off tickets unclaimed and able to be turned in.

Minnesota lottery prizes are able to be claimed within 1-year from the drawing or purchase date, then they are no longer valid, so check your tickets and their website to make sure you aren't missing out on some good money!

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