After Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split, we all waited patiently for the moment she found true love. It may have taken a few men and eight years for Jen to get another man on bended knee, but now it seems the wedding planning has been put on hold.

Jen and her man, Justin Theroux, got engaged 10-months ago, and we couldn't be happier for her. But, People is reporting that all of Jennifer's wedding planning has pretty much stopped.

Jen reportedly already had wedding bands designed and was in the process of deciding on a dress before everything got too hectic. One would think with her money she could hire a wedding planner to do it all, but maybe she wants to be a hands on bride. Either way, I wish her continued happiness!

"Work commitments and massive renovations on their home have brought the wedding talk to a standstill. There are other priorities besides marriage."

True, whats another few months before you make things legal. But some say if work is more of a priority than a relationship then they may be doomed. Opinions on both sides can be seen, but Jen says she still can't wait to become Justin's wife.

Bridal Guide has a list of Pros and Cons of a long engagement: you can check it out here.

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