On Monday I asked if I did the right thing with my Christmas shopping this year. I flat out told a couple people on my list exactly what I was getting them. I didn't want them to have to exchange a gift for the right size or color. Did I do the right thing? Here are the results of the poll!

74% said I did the right thing. No one wants to have to exchange a gift.

14% of voters told me I did the right thing, but I should also get them something small as a surprise to go with it.

7% said that I totally ruined the surprise of Christmas, and one person offered the advice for next year to find a covert way of asking size/color without them figuring it out! Great advice but I am not the most subtle person in the world!

On a lighter note my online purchases have been filling up my mailbox throughout this week. It's like presents for me that I then get to give to other people! Merry Christmas to all!