I have been counting calories for the past three weeks. Tracking what I eat, trying to find healthier alternatives to old favorites, and just trying to live better. I have been obsessed with Holiday Vanilla Iced Coffee forever and a day but a big cup of that to get me going in the morning was just adding up to too many calories (213 for a small to be exact). Luckily I found my new favorite alternative at Starbucks!

Their new Toasted Coconut Cold Brew only has 50 calories in a Grande glass! The drink has a splash of coconut milk in it, giving it a fun summer tropical vibe. I like to add a generous shake of vanilla powder and two Splenda packets just to make it a little more like my favorite Holiday drink. But for the most part this drink is super similar and cuts down close to 150 calories from my day!

The cost for the drinks isn't too far apart. $2.03 for the Holiday Iced Coffee and $3.52 for Starbucks.

What dupes have you found while trying to be healthier? Share them in the comments below!

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