The weekends are going to be hectic the next couple of weeks as the countdown is on until Christmas. For some, the weekends are their only time to get their shopping done. 

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Even if you’re lucky enough to have most of your shopping done, the process of either getting ready to travel or to host for the holiday will likely have you pretty busy. No matter if it’s a mid-shopping “pick-me up” or you need a kickstart to stay on course with your holiday planning, you may need some caffeine to help keep you going.  

If you think this sounds like you, you’re in luck. Starbucks will be giving away a free cup of hot cocoa on Saturday’s and Sundays for the rest of December when someone purchases a “Grande” drink. 

The Hot Cocoa will be served in 8oz cups and will be limited to one free beverage per order. This latest promotion is a part of what is being called a festive series of deals offered by the coffee chain.  

Thursdays are also a featured part of the savings series, for the rest of December between noon and 6, all drinks will be 50%. Rewards members can find the 50% coupon on the Starbucks App or you can register on their website 

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This is an opportunity for the public to possibly sample four new cold foams that have been brought out for the holiday season. 

The new cold foam flavors are;
Peppermint Chocolate Cream Cold Foam 

Sugar Cookie Cream Cold Foam 

Chestnut Praline Cream Cold Foam 


Carmel Brulee Cream Cold Foam 

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The cold foam beverages will be served in festive themed cups. There are 4 designs of similar to the one above available during the holiday season.  


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