There's been no shortage of entertainment following this past weekend's MN blizzard.

You may have heard about the SCSU hockey team getting stranded and eating dinner at a jail in St. James, MN. Or maybe you've seen the viral video of vehicles getting stuck in a Rochester parking lot. Or perhaps you read about the 18-wheeler that accidentally drove out onto Lake Minnetonka after GPS mis-guided the driver.

Yes, these are all true stories to come out of this past weekend. But wait -- there's more!

A video posted to Youtube shows some clever Minnesotans throwing on some skis, tying a rope to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep-skiing around a Rochester neighborhood.

According to Bring Me The News, a pair of friends -- Ben Dolphin and Justin Tank -- were responsible for the video, with Dolphin being pulled on his skis and Tank behind the wheel. As they make their way around the neighborhood, Dolphin can be seen going back and forth across the empty streets, climbing and jumping from snow banks.

You can watch the video above.