The St. Cloud Department Community Engagement Cop House is seeking donations for its neighborhood gardening club.

The COP House is looking for starter plants and seed donations. Specifically, the COP House is hoping to plant large tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, basil, cabbage, cucumbers, cilantro, Swiss chard, kale and spinach.

The garden will be used to bring the community together by getting their hands dirty and growing the food while also getting the goods distributed to families in the area.

The organization is also asking for volunteers to help with the project, which is slated to begin on May 24th. Anyone who can help can drop off their donations at 600 13th Street South in St. Cloud or call Officer Taylor McIntyre at 320-761-2699.

The COP House is a community outpost that was opened in 2017. Modeled after a similar program in Racine, Wisconsin, the home is staffed by police officers and offers outreach programs, English learning classes and more.

Three to four officers using the house when they are not patrolling the neighborhood streets. Their salaries are funded thanks to a federal grant.

The project cost about $400,000 to build and was funded through donations from construction services, cash donations and the St.Cloud Rotary Club.

The group previously organized candy donations for an Eid al-Fitr event that was held on May 13th. They also offer classes and mentorship for area youth and have had SCSU Athletes visit to hang out and play with the kids.

The COP House memorably held a hockey event in February in partnership with the Southside Boys and Girls Club, the Herb Brooks Foundation, Centre Care, and St Cloud State University.

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