The Cold Spring Bakery is offering pastry lovers a sweet treat on the house Friday. The offer is good at both of the Cold Spring and Waite Park locations.

All customers are eligible for a free glazed donut while they check out some of the other specials going on at the bakery, including a dozen donut deal ($4.99) and a dozen glazed donuts for $9.99.

Cold Spring Bakery Bakery is located at  308 Main Street in Cold Spring and the Cold Spring Connection is at 103 2nd Street South, Waite Park.

Now, without further ado, here are my donut power rankings.

#5- Jelly Donuts- My favorite kind of treats are the ones you can trick yourself into believing they are at least kind of healthy. Enter the jelly donut- twice the sugar, half the guilt.

#4- Cake with Sprinkles- The OG classic. Something about those crunchy sprinkles gets me every time, and the cake donuts seem to stay fresh a little longer than the others.

#3- Iced Longjohns- I always used to think I was getting one over on my parents when I got a longjohn. "Wow, these fools are going to let me get a donut that's TWICE as big as the rest!"

#2- Old Fashioned - I mean, it would be more efficient to just chew on a sugar cube, but these babies are delicious! Sorry, my dentist.

#1- Bear Claw- Was there ever any doubt that this would be #1?! First of all, it has a lot of different donut qualities rolled into one (glaze, chocolate, massive size). Second, it's shaped like a bear claw. Are you not satisfied?

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