Penny Pincher kicks off today at Corborn's stores all around the St. Cloud area, but this time things are different. If you are a MORE Rewards member, you don't have to clip coupons! When you are checking out and enter your phone number for MORE Rewards, the discounts from your Penny Pincher items will automatically be deducted! This is such great news because I always clip those coupons but forget to actually bring them to the store with me!

If you haven't signed up yet for MORE Rewards I highly recommend you do that. It is really easy all it takes is a phone number and less than 3 minutes online. You can save big on gas at Holiday from this program too! One time I got 20 cents off a gallon!

Don't worry it still sounds like they plan on sending out the Penny Pincher flyers in the mail if you want to clip the coupons yourself. The new digital system is just a way for us to save money even if we are forgetful! Happy saving!

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