We are still over a week away from Thanksgiving but that isn't stopping the City of St. Cloud from putting up its Christmas decorations in the downtown area on Wednesday.

Crews rolled a cherry picker down East St Germain Street on Wednesday, hanging up giant wreaths to light poles with the intent of spreading some good old fashioned holiday cheer.

We have already seen the Sauk Rapids holiday snowflakes lit up around town and the Sartell City Hall as some giant snowflakes installed, but I haven't seen them lit up yet.

Last week, the display at Sartell's Lake Francis pleasantly surprised us by turning on some of their lights early, while the nearby Chateau Waters helped residents light up their balconies with some icicle-style lights.

Of course the age-old debate revolves around whether or not it is too early to put up Christmas displays. We are, after all, barely halfway through November and around the office popular opinion states that people 'need to take it one holiday at a time.'

My house doesn't follow those rules. My wife has been playing Christmas music non-stop for at least the last two years weeks, and our Christmas tree has been up and fully decorated for about a month. At this point, why even bother taking it down?

With all of that being said, I think the earlier the better for Christmas lights. They look cool at night (or really early in the morning in my case) and I am all for anything we can do to spread positivity.

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