Got to be honest I'm a big lover of Dark Chocolate and it goes so well with wine. You bring me chocolate and you've found the way to my heart. Yum !


Just thinking about it makes you want to throw a party, I know it does me. It's a taste of Heaven like no other.

I can see why The guys from the band 'Train" would want to get involved and partner up with Ghiradelli's Chocolate Company in San Fransisco.

The three 'Train' chocolate bars sound so good and sure to compliment any wine. A 72% cacao dark chocolate, sea salt almond and chocolate flavored cabernet grapes.

What's really huge about this partnership is the proceeds are going to charities that provide housing for families of children that are seriously ill.

'Train' has their own wine website you can find out about their wines, tour dates etc...

I personally have tried their, "Drops Of Jupiter California Red Wine" and it very good, I kid you not. You personal connection to their chocolate/wine is through their website or Ghiradelli stores.

I believe in good causes and when people go out of their way to make this a better place, I have total respect for them, after all it helps make the world go around with a smile.

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