If you have seen any of Chelsea Handler's TV shows, you know she is the joking kind of woman, even on matters that are serious. She wasn't so joking on Rosie O'Donnell's talk show yesterday. Chelsea talked about a very sad tragedy in her life that happened when she was a young girl.

When Chelsea was ten, she had a brother that was 22 who died tragically when he fell off a cliff. She opened up yesterday and is talking about a very serious subject from her life.

"He was hiking in the Grand Tentons and he literally fell like 80 feet off a cliff."

Talk about a scary, sad, and an emotional thing to have to deal with. Instead of dealing with her grief, Chelsea said she just shut down.

"I was shut down because I didn't want to cry in front of anyone.  I had seen my parents cry I was embarrassed."

Chelsea calls her brothers death "one of the most informing things in my life." Stating that it made her closer to her siblings because of it. You can watch her interview on Rosie below, or click here to watch the full interview about her Unconventional Childhood.

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