The show Yellowstone has been going strong now on the Paramount Network for some time, heck it has even brought out a clothing line and spinoffs. One thing that it hasn't done, until now, is have a Minnesotan appear during the show. Well, you can now check that one off your Yellowstone bingo card.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce you to the man who achieved the feat of being a Minnesotan on Yellowstone....Jeremy Richardson

Richardson, according to KTTC-TV in Rochester hails from Byron Minnesota originally, and later in life, he moved out to Montana to be a rancher.

Richardson can be seen in the first episode of Season 5, and he is listed in the credits as being Bar M Cowboy.

While the role may not be HUGE it is still a role in a prominent and popular TV/streaming service show.

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Richardson isn't the first Minnesotan with a role on a popular TV show, earlier this year, Cannon Falls native Caitlyn Smith not only appeared on an episode of Fox's Monarch, she also performed the theme song to the show, and even briefly performed a song on the show too.

Perhaps the most famous Minnesotan to take up acting would be Judy Garland, born with the name Frances Ethel Gumm in Grand Rapids. Although there are more current actors with Minnesota roots like Chris Pratt, Vince Vaughn, and Hercules himself Kevin Sorbo.

Congrats to Jeremy on appearing on Yellowstone!



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