Before the pandemic struck the KidZone indoor playground at the Sartell Community Center was our son's favorite place to play. Now that it has reopened to the public it is rocketing back up to the top of the list.

He goes there so often that the staff knows him by name!

In a new feature called "Charlie's St. Cloud," we will let the kid himself show you around his favorite playgrounds!

The playset is pretty big for an indoor playground. You can hang out on the ground level and play on ropes, a running wheel and different obstacles or take your playground adventure to the next level by climbing to the top.

On the upper level there is a few punching bags to either beat on or dangle from, a couple of bubbles to climb onto (Charlie calls one a 'rocket ship,' while the other for some reason only a toddler could know is called a 'poopy butt' I guess) and a big, blue tube slide to fly down at the end.

There are also puzzles to play with and different games on the wall the promote hand-eye coordination. For parents there are plenty of chairs to sit on and watch the kids have fun while you relax.

The KidZone also features an adjacent party room that is available for rent.

Sartell residents are welcome to use the playground for free, while non-residents must pay $3 per kid or $5 per family.

Without further ado, let's let Charlie take us on a tour of the playground!

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